Azure Application Insights On-Prem Web Farm

On each of the nodes of the web farm with a shared config run the following commands. Download: After the commands have been run go into IIS on one of the machines in the web farm and add a module with name ManagedHttpModuleHelper pointing to Microsoft.AppInsights.IIS.ManagedHttpModuleHelper.ManagedHttpModuleHelper in the dropdown box.

Vmware workstation error code 0xc00000005

Kept getting error code 0xc00000005 when trying to install windows 2019 as a guest on VMware workstation. I uninstalled and tried VirtualBox and got a different error. Searching the log files lead me to the following post about hyper-v interference. I had uninstalled Hyper-v but there must have been some hyper-v feature left. The following […]

Packet Capture without Wireshark

I needed to capture packets off a production web server but did not want to add additional unnecessary software to production like wireshark or similar. I came across some dated articles on Netsh that looked promising. But the tool used to convert to packet capture seemed to be deprecated. Luckily the following tool allows you […]