Building a Training Log

A couple of years ago I set out to build a training log for tracking my workouts with a bias towards calisthenics and strength training. There are a lot of great training log applications on the market so this was a more of project to allow me to work on my programming skills while also writing something that fits my needs exactly. I never seemed to like most of the workout tracking applications out there. I wanted something fast and simple with manual entry.

Strengthnotes Training Log
Strengthnotes Traning log

I chose to use a mature frameworks Django and Bootstrap to see if I could build a solution that worked for my basic needs. Django and Bootstrap have proven to be powerful tools. In the past I have had a bad habit of jumping from various frameworks because I enjoy learning new tech. I decided I would not change frameworks instead I would focus on solid frameworks and the most basic technology as long as I could.

I have tracked about 250 of my workouts over the last few years, slowly adding features, while sticking to basic Django/Python and Bootstrap. I now have created a workout tracking system that works well for my needs.

I plan on working with a couple more tools to add a more Single Page Application feel. The first test will be HTMX keeping everything rendering on the server. My goal is to stay with a web applications and not move to any of the mobile frameworks available but time will tell. The second addition is a graphing library not sure what will be chosen for that.

Feel free and give the app a try

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