FitnessFaq’s Begin Bodyweight

Needing to rebuild my strength base I Purchased FitnessFaqs Begin Bodyweight and Limitless Legs last year. I did not realize how weak I was and how high my bodyweight had gotten relative to my strength levels. Begin Bodyweight is an upper body 3 day week program focusing on the basic pushing and pulling. Dip, pushup, pullups, chinups, rows, handstand, and some core work are all included.

I began the program 3 days a week using the straight bar for pullup and chinups but the volume was a bit much to begin and ended up with some tennis elbow. I rested and began again using rings for the pullups and chinups and going to two days a week vs three and am now been following the program for about 6 months. I am currently on level four attempting to increase my pullup/chinups and dip number.

I modified the training frequency again after reading this article about training frequency by Lyle Mcdonald. Training an upper/lower split 3 times per week has been working well. I am now in my mid 40’s and been experimenting with lower frequency with good success. This also gives me the benefit of working on my cardio the other 3 days and one day off a week. My hopes with some improved lifestyle changes I will be able to handle greater volume in the future.

The program is excellent it comes with an e-book, photo book, videos and training programs with 6 levels each being 8 weeks but I have been running the same program for much longer to meet the minimums. The progressions work well and this program can scale from beginners to advance via harder progressions or adding weight.

If you are looking for well thought out programs focused primarly on calisthenics you Daniel Vadnal is an excellent resource and all his courses are worth spending money on.

I am now able to do rings based pullups and straight bar dips without any shoulder or other pain. That was one of my goals last year so I would consider this one of the more valuable programs.

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