Finally passing the CISSP certification

After multiple starts and stops I finally was forced to take the CISSP November 23rd as I was not able to postpone the cert further.

I have been working as a sysadmin/security analyst in a single location for over 20 years. When working at the same job for so long, there is a risk of not growing and learning to help keep up with the industry. I take certs to help fill the gaps.

I started studying for the CISSP two years ago but life continued to get in the way.  I thought I  was prepped and ready to go when COVID hit and I was forced to postpone.  After rescheduling multiple times I was forced to take it because pearson vue wouldn’t allow me to reschedule any later.

Users in the group recommended taking 3-4k questions and using multiple study guides and resources.  Although that seems like overkill it ended up being about right for me to understand the material well enough.  

I hear a lot of complaints about the CISSP, but I found it to be valuable coming from a purely technical role all these years it helped me fit the various “pieces” together.  Being forced to spend more time looking at security from a management point was very valuable.  CISSP gave me value due to the preparation required to sit and pass the test.

I used the following resources. – This is a valuable resource helping me to know what to study and what resources. – Thor does a good job of breaking down the material and giving a good overview.  I watched all the videos and answered all the questions.  The questions were slightly repetitive but still good.

Sybex official study guide and questions.  – This was one of the better resources read the book twice and go through all the question in the online test bank. – Good questions used this towards the end of my preparation. – I like Luke’s videos, his questions are very challenging but may be of value.

Boson CISSP Practice questions.

Eric Conrad’s 11th hour and CISSP study guide books were a good review and worthwhile to read once or twice.

Glad to have it over now I am looking into Azure certifications or Offensive Security AWAE certification.

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